Blind Passion

Blind Passion - Penny Brandon Blind Passion was a romance in the true sense of the word. It had the classical coupling of a blind and a scarred hero who were nevertheless prevented from being mere stereotypes by the interesting paranormal element. Also, each was given enough flaws to make them believable. Despite the fact that Luke is supposed to be a criminal, and often has flashbacks of his crime, violence and death are only hinted at and barely make an appearence on-page. The actual story didn’t contain any violent scenes, and Adam’s and Luke’s public displays of affection are met with acceptance by everyone. Their conflict truely arose only from within them.We get to know both protags very well through their thoughts as well as through their actions. Both their inner musings were quite angsty, since both are good men who care for each other, so much so that their mutual concern for the other’s peace of mind threatens to bring them apart. I found this a slight case of Insta-Love since the men make a serious commitment after knowing each other for only a few days, but at least they didn’t exchange the magic words during their first night. The Big Misunderstanding also raised its nasty little head, but was satisfyingly quickly nipped in the bud as both Adam and Luke were truely in love with each other and, once both had made up their mind, went about making their relationship work.A big portion of the book consisted of sex, which, although well-written and filled with emotions and meaning, got a little old over time. This, though, was just a minor niggle of mine; others may love the story just for this. Aside from some minor slips of the pen, the writing in itself flowed easily, making Blind Passion a smooth and delightful read.I’d recommend this book to everybody who feels like a sweet, emotional read with a beautiful, satisfying Happy End that will put a smile to your face.Read the full review at