Bound For Keeps (Men of Honor, # 5) - S.E. Jakes Reed and Keith lost their third, Bobby, to cancer. Shane lost his lover, Kyle, to a vicious crime. When Shane shows up on Reed and Keith's doorstep one snowy Christmas Eve, frozen stiff and half-dead with disease and injuries, the two men sense something special in him that makes them take any effort to help him heal, even though Shane's wounds run deeper than the physical. Little do Keith and Reed know that in healing Shane, they might find a remedy for their own long-standing pains and wounds.This was an intense read, deeply engrossing and with scorching hot sex scenes--pretty much in tune with this author's other works; and just as in tune is the fact that the actual plot is somewhat over the place and had me falling into plot holes time and again. However, who cares with these characters? Shane, Reed and Keith absolutely and undeniably made up for anything. Manly men all three, hard like steel on the outside, hiding deep-sitting vulnerabilities that enabled them to feel and show intense passion and I, the reader, was privy to this process, to these strong, fierce warriors baring their souls... ah, priceless. Well worth reading.