Reach for the Moon (Alejo and Bobby, #2) - Val Kovalin The main characters of this book are Bobby and Alejo from [b:Fall Into the Sun|12143881|Fall Into the Sun (Alejo and Bobby, #1)|Val Kovalin||17114269] and yet they're not. For one, they are young, just finishing high school. Their relationship is still new and far from established, and they're both still so very busy finding their own place in the world that they do and say things that hurt each other--although they also love each other enough already to abide, to protect, to be there for each other and to forgive. For another, as it says in the author's note, this is a different universe. The characters may be younger versions of Fall Into The Sun's heroes, but the decisions they make are different, carrying them along on a different path. Which was one of the things that fascinated me about this book. Playing with what-ifs is a favorite pastime, and here it was executed to consequence. A great concept which I've never encountered before, highly imaginative and so full of possibilities. As for the story in and of itself, it was a road movie, a quest, a mystery and a romance all rolled into one fine package with multi-layered, multi-dimensional characters (not only Bobby and Alejo, even minor characters were fully fleshed out). I've never known much about the Hispanic culture, never had much of a connection to the American Soutwest, but here, I felt like I was there, the setting was so vivid. Delivered in this author's precise and smooth writing style, with a depth that bordererd on philosophical and humorous bits that bordered on hilarious, this book offered a delicious reading experience. I can't recommend it highly enough to all the lovers of YA m/m romance out there--and anybody else, if you loved Alejo and Bobby in Fall Into the Sun, try this one, you're in for a treat.