Reich TV - Jeff Pearce This wasn't only a very imaginative, inventive alternative history book, it was also highly entertaining "science fiction" even though this genre is normally associated with futuristic settings. What if the Nazis had used TV instead of radio transmitters? What if there had been a pirate broadcaster who interefered with their machinations? What if people could've seen, not only heard about the goings - on? The use of real historical persons in this fictional story transported me right into it. To only mention one, George Orwell is a "rookie" journalist here who together with a group of other historical personalities, among them the Marx Brothers, helps the good to win over the evil. I found this fascinating. All those what-ifs that lead to a more positive outcome than in actual history were inherently consistent, and set in a well researched and well-built world. Add to this Jeff Pearce's skilled, colorful writing and you have a page-turner.