Buddha on the Road - Jeff Pearce Brin Harper, son of a diplomate, spent his forming years in Burma. Even though he's American, he feels deeply connected to Burmese habits and view of life. The gruesome murder of an Asian man is assigned to cop Brin. While he tries to solve the crime (and more similar crimes as the first murder turns out to be the opening of a series), the murderer gets closer and closer to Brin himself. All murders seem to be connected to Brin's Burmese past, to Brin's deceased mother and a Burmese dissident named Marlar Swe who Brin met once in his youth. Brin must work with his knowledge of Burmese culture to see through the murderer's cover. This was an unusual and fascinating book in many aspects. Even though the killer's identity was revealed early on, the murder mystery remained suspenseful, mostly because of the killer's twisted, enigmatic motives and the many intricate threads that connected him to Brin and other characters. The pictures of Burma were absolutely intense, creating a strong feeling of a country I'd hardly ever heard about before. Since this is mostly a thriller, the romantic aspect remained somewhat subdued, yet beautiful. Brin and Aung had intense chemistry and made a believable match. And, well, it's no secret that I love Jeff Pearce's writing. He paints such vivid images with his words. Thoroughly recommended.