Black Magic - Megan Derr 4.5 starsA beautiful fantasy story and a captivating read. The fantasy elements in here wove together to a caleidoscope of greys instead of black and white. What appeared to be the bogeymen at first turned out to be mislead "normal" people that could be redeemed, what seemed to be the purest of of the pure proved to be able of cruelty and violence. Further, this book played on the claviature of fantasy archetypes (the priest, magician and warrior) in a new and enticing way, combining them with an endearing theological concept.What I missed most about the plot was a conclusively substantiated motive for the main villain; even though such a motive was being tried to explain, the explanation left me unsatisfied. In this world,the pairing of two men is just as normal as the pairing of a man and a woman (two women aren't mentioned anywhere, but I'd assume it'd be the same) So the fact that all main characters are in a relationship with another man is in no way a cause of conflict here. There were six main characters, each of which gets his narrative point-of-view at one point or another. Four of the main characters were nearly perfectly fleshed out, with the last two close behind. Three wonderful love stories, one an enemies-to-lovers theme, one a love-against-all-odds theme and one a master-and-slave-turning-equals theme left hardly anything to be desired. I'd only have wished for the third couple to be drawn as fully as the other two.The writing was beautiful, clean, smooth, its tone totally fitting the spirit of the fantasy setting. A pity that such a great fantasy read was marred with an abundance of typos, grammar errors and missing words on nearly every single page.