Continental Divide - Laura Harner, Lisa Worrall This is vintage m/m romance with a decent if not all too mysterious mystery backdrop. All boxes are ticked: Insta-lust between beautiful people, unlikely circumstances forcing them together,to and fro between I hate your guts and I can't keep my hands off you, possessiveness and jealousy and secret falling in love yet hurting each other through incommunicado... Even the follow- up of scenes and actions went along the established pattern... At tines I felt like I was reading a good old-fashioned Harlequin Romance...BUT one thing this book was not was mushy. It was well- written, the characters clichéed enough to be familiar yet individualist enough to be recognizable, and throughout it all shone a pleasure of storytelling I found refreshing and very,very enjoyable. Although the actual case was closed (suspension of disbelief on the police procedure right from the start, but the whole thing was delivered in a way that made so much fictional sense I stopped caring about realism pretty soon), the romance ended on an open note and with a cliffhanger of sorts that made me curious about the sequel.Well executed, purest entertainment. Definitely recommended.