All Roads Lead To You - Harper Fox I’ve come to appreciate Harper Fox as a master of setting and place. In this story, Rome and the Campagna countryside were described in vivid pictures, and not only the views, but also the mood and rhythm of this ancient, crumbling, postmodern, brimming-with-life city was perfectly caught. I almost felt transported right there and greatly enjoyed the ride.Also, the characters were well-formed for such a short format, especially Sam, the viewpoint character. Smoothly written and engaging, the story pulled me in despite some issues I had with the plot.It was the shortness of their separation time compared to what all is supposed to happen during these years what bothered me most. Not even so much with Sam – the twist in his fate was sadly only too realistic, and what happened to him next seemed quite possible. But I really had trouble believing Lauro’s changed life situation. I kept thinking: wait, he’s what now? He did what? Arriving where he was from where he supposedly had been should’ve taken him longer, and I also couldn’t believe his personality change from the sweet, pliable and naive boy he used to be to the self-confident leader personality he was three years later. Also, in the first part of the book, Lauro acted younger than his supposed age, while in the second part, he acted much more mature, at least for the most part. Sure, these facts could be explained away by the mountain of responsibilities that suddenly weighed on Lauro’s shoulders, and it wasn’t as if I didn’t like the older Lauro–quite the opposite, he was gorgeously dark and mysterious and so exactly what Sam needed–but it just bothered me.The ending, though, was outrightly evil. (a good evil, for those who must know, and no, nobody dies!) Sweet without the slightest trace of saccharine and so beautifully romantic while at the same time it hung a terrible Damocles’s sword over the lovers’ heads – reaching the last page I was like, what? come on, you can’t stop here, their real struggles are just about to start, don’t let me hang like this! So I guess it’s a good thing, and I’ll be eagerly waiting if there will be a sequel that’ll give me more of these two.Recommended.Review originally written for