Snowball in Hell (Doyle and Spain, #1) - Josh Lanyon A fine read. Its quality was in the description of the time and in the exact caption of this area's mood. It was surely hard to be homosexual in America then, maybe even harder than it was in Europe (Nazi Germany aside...)And I liked that the author managed the hardest of all, looking for a gay LOVER instead of a quick f*** in the bushes. Also, the character of Nathan is masterfully drawn, his kind of honor and his kind of internal and external struggle is exactly what you would expect from a former soldier, brought up in a traditional catholic way. Why only three stars? The reasons are strictly personal. While I admired the masterful character drawing, the brilliant writing, the author's ability to meet exactly the tone of voice of the area, the story just didn't get to me. It's a technically perfect piece of writing, but to me, it lacks soul. But that's just me.