The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks - Josh Lanyon When young Perry Foster returns from his hot internet date that went up on smoke, all he wants is a hot shower and bury into his bed. But, alas, there is a dead man in his bathtub, attired with yeolow socks and a matching ugly blazer. Perry, stupefied with horror, seeks help with the other inhabitants of the old Vermont manor house, but nobody believes him. When former navy SEAL Nick Reno finally takes pity in him, the corpse is gone. Even the police thinks him nutty. But Nick takes him seriously. Perry triggers all of Nick's protective instincts. And when more and more strange and sinister things occur around Perry, a strange relationship grows between the unlikely partners. A classical and well - crafted "Whodunnit", this book comes with a for once male damsel in distress, an attractive dark knight, some sinister characters, dumb policemen, a seance, murder, secrets, a chain - smoking she-male and a scheming vamp. The setting in a rainy autumnal Vermont small town adds to the Victorian mood. It is not the typical gripping Josh Lanyon mystery, rather a sweet Agatha - Christie - like love story laced with some sexy interludes. A light, entertaining read for rainy afternoons or a good bubble - bath.