Whistle Pass - KevaD The mystery was what kept this story together and moved it forward. It was fast-paced and action-filled, and kept me guessing right to the eventual explosive showdown. Which unfortunately was the only part of the story that left me underwhelmed; after all the buildup, fights, secrecy, and scheming, the eventual solution appeared rather far-fetched and lacking logical realism; for me, it didn’t really fit with the rest of the book. Might be a matter of taste, though.The attraction between Gabe and Charlie is instant and mutual, but being in the time and place they are, and dealing with the intrigues and sinister types they do, they have to be super-careful. So they dance around each other, trying to connect even while warily in manly incommunicado, each determined to protect the other from harm. Eventually each man turns out to be ready to lay his life down for the other, while at the same time they almost miss their chance at living for and with each other because they are both too self-conscious and working on preconceived opinions.Both Charlie and Gabe are wonderfully drawn characters, and they’d make a perfect couple, would they get out of their own heads long enough to realize. I found their slow romance nicely done even though their not-talking made me wish to knock their heads together more than once.Anyway, the characterizations – this book had so many memorable characters; even the bad guys were well – drawn and nuanced.As far as I’m concerned, the writing was outstanding here. Narrative and dialogue made a seamless whole, interspersed with contemporary phrases and expressions that conveyed the spirit of the times. The story flowed smoothly, conducted with practiced ease, dry-witted and to the point while at the same time the author painted vivid pictures with his words. It drew me in and carried me along, and what better experience can there be to a book?In a nutshell, this was an amazingly written, intriguing story, a thrilling mystery and a subdued romance which I thoroughly enjoyed. I can only recommend it.review originally written for reviewsbyjessewave.com