Time Gone By - Jan Suzukawa Nick is a P.I. specialized in finding missing people. His experience is that most missing people don’t try too hard to remain that way, and so he is surprised how difficult it turns out to find Peter Kimura, librarian of Japanese descent, whom his casual friend Jack engaged him to root up. What’s more, the photo of Peter Kimura Jack provided him with evokes a strong response in Nick. The guy looks strangely familiar, although Nick can’t figure out why, and there’s something about Peter that arouses him to a point where he can’t resist traveling in person to Weller Falls, Montana, where Peter now lives under the name of Tori Tanaka.As chance would have it, Nick stumbles upon Peter/ Tori almost right away; not much to his surprise, since this was bound to happen sometime anyway in a town as small as Weller Falls. But what Nick didn’t expect was Tori recognizing him – and bailing on the spot. It takes him a while to puzzle out that Tori is, in fact, the same man who disappeared without a trace after Nick fell in love with him three years ago over the course of a single evening, a man who took Nick a long time to forget even though they hadn’t even kissed back then.Nick waits for Tori at the back door of the library where Tori works, and gets him to agree to dinner. Tori is elusive in many ways, but at the same time he is far from averse to catch up with Nick at the point where they left off three years ago. It doesn’t take long for them to land in bed together. Tori is everything Nick hoped he would be, and the feeling seems mutual. Over the course of the next few days Nick finds himself falling deeper and deeper under Tori’s spell. But there’s still the fact that Nick lied to Tori about the reason why he came to Weller Falls, and there’s also Tori’s reluctance to tell Nick why he felt the need to go into hiding in the first place.While trying to figure out how to come clear to Tori, Nick continues to investigate Tori’s reason for going into hiding, and discovers there has been a murder about the same time and place when and where Tori disappeared. And then a mysterious man with a gun starts lurking in the shadows at the back door of the library. Both Nick and Tori need to put their cards on the table now, and fast, if they don’t want to risk losing each other again – and for good this time.The summary above might seem like a single huge spoiler, but if you look at the blurb, it’s really not – this is indeed what the first two thirds of the book are about. This was also the major issue I had with this book. While Nick’s investigation, his gradual revealing of facts and truths was actually nicely done, I, as the reader, knew already what he was about to discover, and so there was no trace of tension, no element of surprise left for me. The actual mystery which revolved around the murderer’s identity was so obvious it practically jumped off the pages. I couldn’t help wondering why Nick, supposedly a seasoned P.I., took so long to figure it out – it made him appear stupid. Which was also a big part of the reason I couldn’t warm up much to him, even though the story is in his 1st person POV. I couldn’t take much more to Tori either; although he was understandably under stress, his actions seemed so random and illogical that I couldn’t get much of a picture of him as a person.The problems I had with the characterizations made me more susceptible to some more minor issues with the plot, I wouldn’t quite call them holes, rather creases – for example, the strangely convenient coincidence that had Tori running off on that infamous night, or the way he reacted to Nick’s revelation – which was totally inconsistent with his former behavior – and there was also a small paranormal element that popped up out of the blue and was, in my opinion, completely out of place. Not that it wasn’t nicely written, quite the opposite, it was just merely a pretty, gratuitous adornment.Speaking of gratuitous, this was also what I felt about most of the sex in the book. I found it mostly pretty much off the mill fare and a little blah; then again, this might be me being “jaded”; it might appeal more to other readers who like their smexxin’ detailed, sweet and clean.It wasn’t that I hated this book, not at all, I just couldn’t work up much enthusiasm for it. The writing was smooth and the story, though somewhat predictable, was actually rather enjoyable. So if you’re in the mood for something nice and easy, this might be just the book for you.The cover, though, is absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it?Originally written for reviewsbyjessewave.com