Song of the Beast - Carol Berg A singer without a voice, a musician with mangled hands, his enemies think him broken beyond repair. But the truth cannot be silenced. Aidan Mc Allister is a wonderful tortured hero. I read a lot of Carol Berg's, but this one was the first, and it had me immediately hooked. Set in a world remotely resembling a late medieval Europe, this book is inherently consistent on speech, clothing, behaviour and so on. Berg's worldbuilding is flawless as usual. Unless her other works, this book doesn't linger so much on landscape description. The characters are wonderfully done, whether humans or non - humans.My only bother: Berg is great in friendships, but unfortunately, she doesn't do lovestorys. As long as Aidan and his woman were friends they were great. When they became lovers, they became a little...sappy. But when you're wound up in Berg's world, it is really a very minor bother. Warning: This book has Dragons!