Stolen Summer - S.A. Meade 4.5 This book was a joy to read. Aside from the intense romance and the heartbreak and fights the heroes had to go through, the clean, flawless writing flowed smoothly, taking a backseat to the story and thus enabling me to focus entirely on the well-thought through and well wrought plot. I agree with what others have said above on the high quality of the story and the satisfaction with the ending. Really my only niggle was the way the story dragged a little during the second part. And perhaps, the way how Colin was larger than life during most of the story - he's simply too good to be true. (didn't keep me from loving him, though!)To all the m/m purists among us, there's a small explicit m/f scene right in the beginning. It's utterly forgettable, apparently not made to titillate and indelible for the plot, but it's in there, so those who don't want to read such, consider yourself warned. It'd be a pity, though, you'd miss out on a really worthy reading experience if you skipped this book just for that one little scene.