Paper Planes - M. Jules Aedin Such a sweet, simple story, and yet so much content! Two men who each have lost a lover to an untimely death in the past meet, get to know each other and finally get together. This book moves slow and calm, as does the protagonist's relationship, There isn't much action, and there isn't even much character development aside from Stuart coping and finally coming to terms with the loss of his beloved boyfriend. It fits that both heroes are older, it fits that Dustin has a disability with which he has made his peace a long time ago, simply everything fits, including the dancing around each other of two people who can't forget each other after a cance meeting. Don't look for action and don't look for drama here, both men are reasonable and mature enough to talk things through - and still juvenile enough to while away hours playing Tetris and getting butterflies in their stomachs over each other. My only niggle was the BDSM part; although it somewhat fit into the context, it appeared a little out of character for both of them. I simply couldn't see how their lovemaking suddenly turned into a ritualistic scene. I felt their relationship was new enough that they didn't need the spicing up yet - but to each their own. All in all, a wonderful, heartwarming, quiet lovestory which I finished with a smile.