Hell Cop - Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling, Astrid Amara Of this three story anthology, I liked the first one best. Fire and water, a man who can't be touched even by his mother for the fact that every contact with his skin burns other beings' flesh with his untameable energy, and a man who can absorb and transform energy. Destined for each other, and still making an active decision about wanting to be together. Second - a half-demon and a sorcerer - a good pairing, but a rather weak mystery. Liked it least. Third - a brave, strong-willed young human and a sorcerer cop who's a bit dense when it comes to realize what goodness is right before his eyes. Also very good, if the fight was a little messyAll stories are interconnected, set in the same universe, and still each has an unique flavor, added by the respective author. Very well done, very entertaining and well worth reading.