The Morning Star (Shadow of the Templar, #1) - M. Chandler This entire series is so over-the top it's fantastic! This was more or less what hooked me to m/m. I loved all four books. Simon Drake (aka Templar)leads a VERY special FBI investigations team. Currently they are protecting a multimillion dollar diamond, the Morning Star. When cat-burglar Jeremy steals the rock out from under their noses, Simon is fuming. What pleasant surprise that Jeremy gets robbed of the diamond too and now joins forces with Team Templar in order to stop the actual villain in the story, a veritable Bond baddie with a German accent who needed the Diamond in order to build a dangerous satellite laser device. This book didn't contain any on- page sex (in fact, the entire series doesn't), but the eroticism is sizzling. One of the hottest kisses I've ever come across! Aside from this , Morning Star is a hilariously funny read, without the slightest trace of sentimentality and very well written. Highly recommended!