When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling - Tom  Collins,  Thirteen Angsty, so sweet it got almost tacky at times, and two characters who pine away after each other over a misunderstanding born from lack of real communication - not something I usually swoon over, but it was done so masterful here that I couldn't put the book down. Both Liam and Oliver were such great characters! Loved their voices (the book is told in alternate 1st person), loved their personalities. Liam, so resolute in his loyality - once he gives his heart, he gives it fully. I can see how this can be much too much for someone else, that degree of intensity all directed to one person, but it fits him to be as devoted to his lover as he ist to his art. Oliver, on the other hand, admittedly had a shitty childhood and poor excuses for parents, but this was more than made up by his stepmother Sandy, who was another great character. He was a tad too whiny, but I forgave him because he managed to grow up, and I ended up loving him just as much as I did Liam.The secondary cast was remarkable, from Liam's uncle Gabe, his twin Brendan and Brendan's fiancee Jillian down to his grandmother, his gay uncles and so on. Every single one of them was a person in their own right and an enrichment to the book rather than an ornament. Highly recommended.