Dead Run - Josh Lanyon More like 3.5 or 3.75. It wasn't bad, but it didn't really sweep me off my feet. As mysteries go, this one was good. Riddles within riddles and false leads, yet done in a way that I, as the reader, was lacking important info the hero had so the hero was always a step ahead of me, as it should be in something that isn't a whodunnit. Which this wasn't. Lots of explosions and shootings - it seems that at least one MC needs to be in a hospital bed for a while in every book of this series. Poor guys ;-)However, the mystery wasn't exactly the main focus here, even though it made a well-wrought background. This was about the relationship and guiding them through to a believable HEA. Unfortunately, as it was in the previous three books, this was where it fell short for me. For the life of me I couldn't connect with either of the heroes. They did all the right things and at times,said beautiful things, but there was none of the chemistry between them like, let's say, between Jake and Adrian. Or Zane and Ty, for that matter (blasphemy, I know!)I liked both Will and Taylor, but they just left me cold. Might be just me here, though - I found them both almost too perfect. Nothing to rub against. The writing, on the other hand, is flawless. I found the story flowed along straight, without too many distracting sidelines or subplots; this made for an easy, fast-paced read, but also for a feeling like riding the Orient express: beautiful landscapes, swiftly passed and barely remembered. Apropos landscape: the setting was what I actually liked best with this book. PARIS! And portrayed so well, from the restaurant to the catacombs down to Pere Lachaise which in my opinion is about the most fascinating cemetery in Europe. So all in all, I can say this book - this series - is worth reading for its entertainment value and skillful writing. I wasn't bored while reading it, but it's already behind me.