Cooking with Ergot - Luisa Prieto Rather a 3.5Dominic is a food witch. His familiar is an enlivened stuffed tiger who talks with a British accent, answers Dominic's telephone and makes him grilled cheese sandwiches for comfort food if he thinks Dominic is down. Isn't that a promising premise? Add Carter, descendant of a dynasty of witch hunters who use the Malleus Malleficiarum as their personal guidebook (at least some of their members do), make them fated mates, throw them together and let them simmer for a bit, and you'll have a delicious mix of romeo-and-julian and Van Helsing, with an icing of The Food Network and a side dish of Calvin & Hobbes. What kept this from being a solid four-star: The style element of one-word and two-word sentences was so overused here it became annoying. There were a number of insinuations like Carter's thumbscrew collection bleeding that I'd have liked either explained or left out entirely. I felt like something was missing. Also, there were some small plot holes (for example, in one scene, a character wears slacks, in the next, he takes off jeans) All in all, a very funny, clever and sweet read, and the strewn-in recipes made things even more interesting.