Left of Centre - Zathyn Priest In the beginning, Brandon is the lexicon entry of an essential prick: narcisstic, self-centered, lying, shallow, cowardly - you name it, a type many of us might know from annoying firsthand experience. Until he meets his master in beautiful, mysterious, capricious Enigma, who makes Brandon taste a big spoonful of his own medicine. Being forced to look into a mirror and to face the ugliness behind his shiny facade changes Brandon forever. But by the time he realizes what is really important to him, Enigma is gone. Will Brandon manage to reconcile with the man whom he had hurt so deeply? The beauty of this story is in the way the author made me LIKE Brandon, even though he's a type of guy I normally can't stand. But by the time Enigma was done with him, I rooted for Brandon and crossed my fingers for him to find happiness. And the end was just the icing on the cake, pure perfection. I can only recommend this clever, well-thought out, thoughtful, hilariously funny story!