Grand Jeté - Diana Copland This was a very good story. Even though the string of events that leads to Davis and Jordan getting together is very unlikely to happen, it isn’t entirely improbable, and this is part of the magic of this book. An extroverted and outgoing ballet dancer like Davis could actually start flirting in an emergency room, especially when inebriated. And a professional nurse could slip from professionality far enough to feel attracted to a patient, to a point where he would go out of his way to care for him, especially given Jordan’s personality. Jordan himself says that what he likes best in his professional life is making people fell better, and at first he’s that way with Davis, too- until Davis’s easy ways and his unconditional trust change everything.Both men behaved exactly in character; the author made me buy everything they did because it fit the way they were drawn. This inherent consistency, along with a great deal of realism in the setting of the story, went a long way in keeping it from being trite.Reading this story I kept waiting for some kind of shoe to drop. It can’t be that easy, can it? Yet, it was. Two men who are seriously attracted to each other meet, come together, fall in love and decide to stay together. Still, this was no tacky insta-love hearts and flowers flick but a pleasantly written, at times hilarious, entertaining story with comfort-read potential, mostly thanks to the author’s writing skills. Not only the main characters but also the secondary cast were well drawn; particularly Jordan’s mother, who was one of the most likeable female characters I’ve ever met in a m/m romance; and Jordan’s niece, who was adorable.So all of you who aren’t fed up with Christmas yet and are reluctant to leave the holiday spirit behind, go for this treat, you won’t regret it.Full review at