Valentin's Day - Charles Edward Valentin’s entire life is focused on Laurent, one might say he only lives for those rare nights he can spend with his lover. His place of residence, the kind of sorcelry he chose to study, even the way he furnished his cabin down to the decision what they’ll have to eat, everything is designed for Laurent’s needs. The sad thing is that Laurent apparently misses big portions of his memory, so that he’ll never be able to fully appreciate to what lengths Valentin goes to keep him safe and happy.For all I felt for Valentin and his sorrow, I couldn’t make myself like him. His life, his entire existence is so fruitless, when all he has to live for are stolen moments with a lover who can’t even really participate in his life. He’ll never grow, with his life practically on hold until he can be with Laurent again.I read this story several times. On the first read — through I only pitied Valentin, but by the third, I wanted nothing more than shake him out of his doom loop of melancholy and nostalgia. I guess I built an emotional connection to him after all, if not a good one. His story pulled me down.This is a very sad and tragic story, with just the barest half-hint at a possible tiny little sliver of hope. Of all bittersweet titles I’ve read so far, this was the most “bitter” and least “sweet” (not that it doesn’t have both, but…). Consider yourself duely warned before you tackle this, which you still might, since it was generally well — written, and surely emotionally absorbing.Read the full review here: