Catch of the Day - Lily Sawyer With its almost classic pairing of a merman and a human, this could have been a nice enough fairytale, but it fell completely short for me due to its plot flaws. They kept ripping me out of the story right from the moment when Jaran took off his magical ring and, just like this, was human again. Completely with magically appearing clothes. I thought “Huh?” and then, “Well, okay, this is fantasy,” and read on. But things like this kept popping up, the more the further I got in the story, and towards the end they were layered so thickly that it bordered on ridiculous, always following the same pattern: the heores are caught between a rock and a hard place and then – abracadabra – the problem vanishes into thin air. Not to mention a number of implausibilities that had nothing to do with the fantasy setting and everything with simple logic.It isn’t as if this book didn’t also have its good aspects, too. For example, pollution of the sea and environment protection are apparently matters close to the author’s heart as indicated by the prominent role these topics play in the story. In fact, they are mentioned often enough that I felt my nose start itching from the rubbing it in, good intentions notwithstanding, but at least this didn’t turn overly preachy. The sex scenes with Jaran in merman form were surprisingly un-gross but interesting and written with a good deal of knowledge about sea-mammal anatomy; I actually thought those the best scenes in the book.All in all, this time the weaknesses outweighed the strengths of the story for me, so I can’t really recommend this book. Yet, my opinion is entirely mine; others may feel the full review at