Taste - Mickie B. Ashling Dialogue-heavy, but a heartwarming story.This book had some good points, like the characterization of conflicted, good-natured, caring Grier. He was even a bit too good, practically putting his life on hold for a child he had no official claim on. Lil was a great character, too. Although he had some stereotypical traits, I found him well-depicted as a formerly wildly flamboyant and still rather in-your-face gay man. Lil and Grier were good together despite the age difference; I liked the way Lil was patient and understanding with Grier’s moods but didn’t acquiesce in everything. Lil’s support helped Grier take a new look at his life and make some very necessary changes. Both their behaviour fit their respective ages and personalities well. Not lastly, they were hot together.From the secondary cast, Luca stands out. He’s the epitome of a wonderful child, with his adorable lisp and his sweet nature. Everybody would love a child like him, and I totally bought how Lil was immediately taken by that little boy. This was another good point in the book, Lil immediately and consequently taking Luca into consideration as a vital part of his new lover’s life. The way Luca filled a gap in Lil’s heart Lil hadn’t even been aware of was very well done; I could absolutely believe in those three becoming a family.Other members of the secondary cast weren’t that well drawn. I had problems especially with Luca’s mother, Lilian. She did several about-faces over the course of the story – from sisterly friend to calculating bitch to overworked working mom to homophobic harpy and back. From the way she was first portrayed, her erratic behavior didn’t quite fit, and neither did her neglect of Luca.I also found the solution to all the issues with Luca in the end a bit convenient, but this had again to do with the unsuccessful characterization of Lilian. Really, this character could have profited from a serious thinking-over.Full review at reviewsbyjessewave.com