The Immortals - Victor J. Banis Read the full review at reviewsbyjessewave.comThis short story was a fine little piece of enjoyment to me. The writing was great. Smooth, flawless, funny and tongue-in cheek, but with just the right amount of seriousness to keep the story from being superficial. Although there was barely any on-page sex, the story oozed eroticism. And for only under 30 pages, the characterizations were awesome. Jason, Peter and Alders had nothing in common with the unfortunately often prevailing perfect-in every-aspect heroes; neither of those three men was, which made them all the more real and dear to me. Alders, in particular - to me he had some serious Mediterranean macho man charm. While it felt a bit put-on with Peter, the attitude and self-confidence just came naturally to Alders. He didn't have to steamroller Jason, he just needed to be himself - and he allowed Jason space without abandoning him and still kept Jason close without smothering him. Although we only get to hear Peter's and Jason's narrative voices, Alders is actually the best-drawn character. The author uses the narrative for characterization, giving Peter much room and stage time and letting Jason fade a little to the background where he feels most at home. I found this brilliant. The plot broke the familiar pattern of romance in an refreshing, cheeky way which I enjoyed greatly. My only complaint was that this story was too short, though; I'd have loved to see a little more drama after the dropping of the bomb.I can see clearly why some readers might dislike this story and/or its characters. This story has some elements which generally aren't looked upon overly favorably in general: an apparently weak and gullible hero, a relationship breaker of sorts, something some might consider cheating, and an ending some might find less than satisfying. I couldn't help myself, though: I loved it. Capital L.