The Demon Catcher - Lesley Hastings This was clearly a plot-driven book. Leon, wayfaring demon - catcher comes into a secretive monastery recently doomed with demon - infestation in order to clear up the danger. Euan, a monk who has spent his whole life at the monastery, is assigned to help with that task since he, as the monastery's castilan, knows the building best. As they work together, Euan finds himself attracted to the stranger in a way he has only experienced once before. What's more, it seems to Euan that the feeling is mutual. Euan is unsure what to do with Leon, and he's not convinced that Leon has the best interests of the monastery in mind, since Euan isn't convinced that Demons exist in the first place. He learns better, though, when the beings force him and Leon to flee, which leads to even more unsettling experiences as Leon and Euan, forced together in a narrow place, give in to their mutual attraction. The adventure story was told in an entertaining and gripping way, taking up more room than the romance. Not that the latter was unimportant, though. I liked both Euan and Leon, which were both well - rounded characters. Euan, a lifelong monk, was sweet in his boyish innocence and book-smart ways. Still, he was capable of thinking his own thoughts and not as gullible as his fellow monks, and he didn't change his lifelong beliefs and ways on a whim, but thought hard about his decisions. All this made him appear much older than his 21 Years and believable as the monastery's castilan. Leon is a very likely person for Euan to fall for, with his exotic beauty, his frankness and his unusual talents. All in all, a gripping, entertaining adventure story with some very original ideas and a sweet, believable love story. Heartily recommended. See the full review at