Dragon's Kiss - Ally Blue Scary is the new world that came up after an apocalyptic event which threw humankind back into some kind of stone age. Predators and wild animals as well as cannibals and other bruthish humans haunt the world. Surrounded by the ruins and remnants of what appears to have been our civilization but has become meaningless to our fictional descendants over the centuries, people have found a way to survive by banding together in tribes and building walls, both made of wood and stone and made of habits and laws. Whoever leaves their tribe or is expelled faces death since no tribe is going to take in a stranger. The Pack, the warriors of these times make sure their tribe can live in relative peace. Made up of bands of either "brothers" or "sisters", those warriors have their own rules, their code of honor and their bond, the latter apparently built on having sex with each other. In fact, those warriors seem to have regressed to something just shy of wolves or something; fight, food and fuck seem to be their purposes, not necessarily in that order. Bear is a big and strong pack member, as good at fighting and as happy to fuck his pack brothers as any of them. Yet, he doesn't quite fit in. In disagreement to his tribe's law, Bear hungers for knowledge, mostly about the old days and the ways of their ancestors. Thus, when Bear and his pack brother Lynx happen across a stranger who seems to share Bear's forbidden longing, Bear can't help but wanting to get to know him. What's more, the stranger, Dragon, is very attractive; although Bear knows that having sex with others than his pack brothers means punishment of death, he can't keep away. Luckily Lynx turns out to be helpful. Instead of bringing Dragon home for execution, Bear escapes together with him. This was a nice dystopia and a sweet love story. It was short, and it only covered two days, but the author made it quite plausible why Bear would be so taken in by Dragon he'd exchange the relative security of his old life and the company of his pack brothers for Dragon's life and company. As I've come to expect from the author, the sex was really hot, dirty and animalic as can be expected between men who live almost like animals for most of their time, and yet there was gentleness and affection in the way Bear and Dragon found each other. Their world is a cruel, harsh one that demands quick decisions and doesn't linger on reassessments, so Bear's more or less spur of the moment decision to leave with Dragon was believable. Both are strong, fierce men who kill in a heartbeat and yet are capable of deeper emotions. They are innocent in all their wildness, both true savages but promising of being able to become human again.