High Fidelity (Shadow of the Templar, #4) - M. Chandler Jeremy Archer is an art thief and cat burglar who's been working part time with the FBI to help them solve some cases. But he hasn't only made friends in his life, and recently things have gotten quite tight. His life in peril, Jeremy turns to his unacknowledged friend and occasional bedmate, FBI agent Simon Drake, for help, asking him to make one single telephone call which would grant his dispatcher's safety. But Simon, being Simon, wants to make sure Jeremy didn't lie about the threat to his life, and thus the telephone call becomes delayed for twenty-four hours. When Simon finally comes around to call, he has to realize that he took twenty- four hours too long. Annabelle, Simon's only link to Jeremy is gone, and so is Jeremy. On top of this, Simon gets in trouble with the FBI Bureau of Internal Affairs, ending up with him on temporary leave. Shaken from watching his life falling to pieces around him and ridden with guilt, Simon sets about finding Jeremy and righting his wrong. This last instalment in the Shadow of the Templar series was the best. There are actually two tightly connected storylines, one about finding and rescuing Annabelle and one about making sure Jeremy is safe. Both are fast and action packed like ever a James-Bond-movie. And since Simon's team is involved, there's a lot of hilarious banter, blowing up things and modern computer magic. But there's also a shift in Simon's and Jeremy's relationship. Jeremy learns to trust Simon, and Simon finally figures out that there are more important things to life than his precious job. Self-edited and self-published, this book is far from perfect. It has its flaws and plot holes, particularly the lengthy description of Simon's clandestine voyage around half the world where the story almost comes to a standstill, or in the unlikely behaviour of the FBI agents and their superiors. Nevertheless, it's a great read and a satisfying conclusion to a fine series by an unbelievably approachable and generous author. In order to learn more about the series and the author and for free bonus material go to http://mooncalf.org In case anyone wonders about the "read" date: All four Shadow of the Templar novels plus the bonus material have been available for free on the net years before they were published through Lulu as physical books