Breathe - Sloan Parker This was an incredible book in so many respects. Incredibly intense,for one - the emotions were palpable, whether hatred, love, fear, lust. Lincoln was a fantastic character, real and believable in his brokenness and determination. Jay, of course, was larger than life. One of the most positive Heroes I've ever come across. Testament of the author's skill was the fact I could actually buy most of it, feel with Jay, cheer him on. The third main character was Katie; she was always present,at first a haunting for Linc, later like a benevolent spirit who'd bless the lovers. Another forte was the writing. Fast-paced,gripping and flawless, action scenes and hot sex scenes as enticing as inner musings and tender kisses. What baffled me most was the way how the author took an absolute impossible plot and turned it into something that could and did work. Absolutely awesome, a book I can't recommend highly enough.