Carol of the Bellskis - Astrid Amara This was a sweet story, entertaining and funny (well at times outright hilarious), but with some serious topics adressed. Deeply closeted lawyer Lars is in love with his paralegal Seth, but he won't own up to the relationship, even gets himself a fake girlfriend for cover. In the beginning Seth thought he could cope with the secrecy, but as their relationship proceeds, Seth finds he can't anymmore. They break up over a vacation at Seth's aunt and uncle's which Lars promised to share, but backs out of at the last moment, and Seth goes there alone, heartbroken.But as if this wasn't enough, he finds the b&B deserted, his aunt and uncle disappeared, and himself saddled with six very special houseguests for hanukka, who not only expect delicious kosher cooking, but also tumble from one catastrophe into the next. Seth can't cook, and he has no idea what to do with the guests. So when Lars shows up at the B&B unexpectedly, Seth doesn't know what to do, even more so because Lars CAN cook, masters the art of kosher cooking effortlessly and in general bends backwards to regain Seth's love and forgiveness. Slowly, deliciously, Lars cooks, flatters and winds his way back into Seth's heart, not lastly by proving he's capable of changing his point of view and ultimately, himself. The writing was great, and the love between Seth and Lars was beautiful. The author also managed to give even the smallest of the secondary characters voices and personalities of their own, including the dog, Dr. Mister. The only thing which bothered me was the solution, which was too smooth, too convenient; yet for a holiday story it was just fitting. A wonderful, easy and very fulfilling read which I can genuinely recommend.