To Hell You Ride - Julia Talbot Big Roy Marsh has a number of unusual fancies for the hard rock coal miner in 19th century Colorado he is. First, he loves the theater. Most Saturdays he rides to the town of Telluride, the City without a bellyache, on his mule Annie for a haircut, a shave and a play. Everybody knows this. Second, Big Roy fancies men, and that's something no one knows, although there are faint rumors, but who'd want to chat up a man like Big Roy about such a thing....Sir Edward Clancy's posh British accent is as put on as his stage personae. Sir Edward made love to many men, but he loves only one man, and that is Sir Edward. Why, then, can't he forget that big, unkempt coal miner, to a point where he misses his train to greener pastures than Telluride, Colorado? But here he is, digging in the dirt with his bare hands when Big Roy is missing after a cave-in, feeling like a part of him is missing alongside Roy. This was a wonderful read. It's Roy's voice what tells it, flawlessly keeping to the drawl, and thus creating an amazing atmospheric feel of being right there with the heroes. I fell in love with that big bear of a man right on the spot. Likewise with Clancy, his nasty-boy attitude, his sluttish ways and his constant bitching notwithstanding. They were a fabulous pair of attracting opposites, and yet they were so perfect together. The story itself was told with a light, ironic feather, the writing just flows, from hilarious dialogues over sharp observations, authentic descriptions to the non graphic and yet scorching hot sex scenes...just perfect. A real treat.