The Sardonyx Net - Elizabeth A. Lynn This was the very first "popular" book I came across which contained a whiff of gay content. There are no graphic scenes, and the main romance is between Dana, the male Starcaptain, and Rhani, the female Head of a famous and wealthy family. Yet, there was Rhani's brother Zed, who takes his pleasure from torturing young men, and the world of the Starcaptains, which is colorful and a little crazy and reminds me of Christopher street day parade (in hindsight, mind you, for back then I wouldn't have known what CSD meant). A great, multi - layered sci-fi. Read now, in 2010, some of the gadgets seem a bit ridiculous, and some of the imaginations (like the Enchanter Genetic Labs) are disturbingly close to reality. But it's still a great book, one I hunted down for almost ten years now until I was able to put my hands on a copy.