The Wine Dark Sea - A.J. Llewellyn Set in France, this book features an expatriote British author who writes travel guides. A strange encounter with an outstandingly beautiful African man makes Daniel leave the small Normandy village where he's taken up residence. Dumped by his former lover, Alain, Daniel starts a relationship with excentric, arrogant, selfish artist Francois, whom he loves despite the fact that he realizes how Francois takes advantage of him in many ways.Only when Daniel meets Kofi, he realizes love is supposed to go both ways. This book was great. The author's slightly exaggerated picturing of "the French" is SO to the point; I sometimes felt as if I was watching "M. Hulot's Holidays". The French setting, particularly Paris, was very convincing. This book transported the distinctive "French" feeling which is so hard to achieve. It didn't hurt that the writing was fast-paced and skillful, the plot twists hilarious at times and the love story heartwrenchingly sweet without the slightest hint of saccharine. Chapeau, Mr. Llewellyn!A highly recommended, funny, entertaining read with deep emotions, surprising plot twists and an enticing French setting.