Beached Hearts - Scarlet Blackwell Taciturn, deeply wounded, gruff Conor is Chief of Police in the small town of Kinsoe, Ireland. A blue whale dies on the beach near Conor's town, and a crew of scientists and TV people flies in from America to make a post-mortem documentary. Conor despises them from the day they arrive, having watched the whale's agony and reluctant to have its dissection made a TV show. Most of all, though, Conor despises outgoing, brash, openly gay marine biologist Eli, head of the documentary crew. Seven years ago, Conor had his heart broken by another marine biologist, Liam. When Eli comes on to Conor, he feels as if history is about to repeat itself. Overcome by fear of having his heart broken yet again, Conor pushes Eli away despite his instincts which tell him that Eli is exactly what he needs. But Eli isn't that easily scared away. There was a lot to like in this story. The character of Conor, his pain and fear, was very well crafted, as well as Eli, whose stubborn persistence in his pursuit of Conor was simply adorable. The secondary cast is well-done too, particularly Liam, who was an asshole, but had a reason for this, making him more of a real person. There was a lot of angst going on, most of it handled nicely. The emotional waves got a bit massive then, unfortunately. Although the tearful lover's reunion in itself was really moving, it didn't quite fit the initial characterization of both Eli and, particularly Conor. I really couldn't see how the man Conor was in the beginning could turn into the tear-bound, emotional wreck he was in the end. Yet, the story was beautiful, and the HEA, though slightly forced, convincing and satisfying. A very romantic, angsty read with a lot of unexpected detail about whales and hot, emotion-laden sex. Recommended.