With Love - J.L. Langley Devlin is a werewolf and a born leader, a typical alpha wolf. Laine owns a flower shop and is the very antithesis of Devlin, an omega wolf. But when they meet, they realize instantly that they are soulmates and belong with each other. Devlin is determined to keep Laine with him and to fight for him with claws and teeth, even if his adversary is another alpha wolf with his entire pack behind him. It's a sweet little story, very predictable and, as usual with J.L. Langley books, full of well - elaborated and gripping sex. Entertaining, well - crafted. P.S: The story is part of Langley's "With or without" - Series and set in the same universe of werewolves and soul mates. Devlin and Laine are mentioned in Langley's "Without Reservations"