Committed to Memory Partners in Crime #5 - S.J. Cook This mini-anthology contains two parts: Don't look back by Josh LanyonWhen museum curator Peter Kilian wakes up in a hospital bed, he finds himself accused of stealing from his own museum. He can't remember if he did - or didn't. LAPD DI Mark Griffin seems very sure Peter is guilty, though. Isn't it weird that Griffin seems to take Peter's lack of remebrance so personal? This was a typical Lanyon book. I liked it a lot. The memory loss was handled very realistically, although it had to act as a convenient solution at times. Then again, Lanyon is so skilled such little cheats didn't really bother. The story and the relationship was gripping, and the mystery, although a bit over the top, actually mysterious. Not Lanyon's best, but not bad either. Heartache Cafe by J.S.CookAmerican Expatriate Jack sets up shop in Newfoundland, a place he calls Heartache Cafe. It's the 1940s, and the world is at war, but Jack has been dismissed form the military for "health issues". At the cafe he encounters a lot of friends, some of which become his casual lovers, but only when he meets mysterious Sam Hamil, an Egyptian, he loses his heart. This story had a dark, surreal feel to it, very befitting the time it's set in. Like a film noir, the mystery evolves around a beautiful woman and a thin - moustached villain. Although the writing was very skilled, the story didn't manage to draw me in. Too many random twists, and too many heaviness. Sam remains a mere outline; why Jack should love him so, doesn't become clear. Still, some of the cast were remarkably well done, particularly Phonse and Chris, who were both adorable.