Here Be Dragons - T.A. Chase Kael Hammerson is a herpetologist in a country without snakes. Working for Hugh Price, a retired MI6 agent who now owns a biochemical lab, Kael is the one who's called when a sea serpent starts to haunt the Irish sea. Soon there are more sightings of giant lizards, and Kael realizes he's the one the world depends on for safety. But those strange creatures aren't the only adversaries Kael has to fight. Having barely survived an abusive relationship, he's also fighting demons from his past, a fight which gets particularly hard when Kael falls in love with his boss - and his feelings are requited. Luckily, there's help for Kael. With magical creatures returning into the world of humans, why should Kael be surprised his best friends are an elf, a saintified knight, and a talking cat? This was a wonderfully imaginative book. Great writing, too. The issues Kael has to deal with in relation to his abusive past relationship are particularly well done; very insightfully and gently handled. Kael is a character who experiences a great development from a fearful suppressed man who thinks himself unworthy to the self-confident, proud warrior he's always been deep inside. It's wonderful to watch how Hugh's love and the support of Kael's friends help Kael to discover who he really is. Hugh is a strong supportive character; his only flaw is he's too good for this world. While Kael is drawn out very lovingly, Hugh stays a bit pale compared to him. The supportive cast is made up by wonderful characters, too; Mordred and George are great friends and a beautiful pair, and M.A. is priceless. I had one issue with this book, though, and thus only four stars: although the sex scenes were skillfully done, there were simply too much of them. The story would have fared even better with a little fade to black at the bedroom door now and again.A great read for those who can still dream, highly recommended.