L.A. Bytes - P.A. Brown What a surprise read..an actual mystery where the main characters just happen to be gay. For once, David an d Chris don't get one single graphic scene, but a lot of dramatic injuries along a twisted, suspenseful and very gripping plot. David's and Chris's relationship, since it is settled and secured, doesn't play a major role here. They appear like any married couple who happens to get tangled into a crime case, with the exception that Chris arises funny looke every times he talks about David as his husband. Still, I secretly hope this is going to be the last instalment in the series. As much as I enjoyed it, David and Chris are quite done. I won't disturb them any longer. As usual, the author is a little too proud of all the research work she's done - non-geeks don't necessarily need half a page of script gibberish to get into the groove, and I don't need a detailed listing of twenty kinds of sushi they're having for dinner. But the skillful writing makes up for that. An entertaining read and something to think about - the threat is real, after all, and I'm going to think about my habits of using the internet from now on, that's for sure. Recommended for fans of the author and the series and for everyone who likes good suspense/ mystery and doesn't mind gay heroes.