The Other Side - Shawn Lane Ray is an african american doctor, upper middle class and a politician with an anti-racism activist program in his mid-thirties. Nick is a lower class white Internal Affairs police detective. They meet when Nick is investigating a case of police brutality against Ray'syounger brother, Devon. Ray is immediately attracted to the scruffy cop. After having Nick removed from the case, Ray asks him out. Both men fit together remarkably well when it comes to sex, but aside from that, they seem to have nothing in common.This book was nice, a smooth read, and rather entertaining. But that was about it. It's a garden variety cinderella story where the rich older man interferes with the young, poorer man's life, and not in a small way. But still Nick cares remarkably little. He follows where Ray leads although he's supposed to be a police officer, and one with a rough background who's made his way against all odds. Sure, being IA and out gay he doesn't have a lot of friends within the force. But to Ray, he acts too much like a lightweight. Ray, on the other hand, to me felt like he got himself a new pet. The story had obstacles and twists, but they were immediately solved. What saved the book for me was the writing. The story in itself was well crafted and, although rather off the mill, so well written it could still entertain. Recommended for m/m fans as