Slow Bloom - Anah Crow, Dianne Fox Ricky Talbot is back from school for the summer. For his summer job he's supposed to care for his parent's neighbor's garden. Ricky has had a crush on Jack Corson for years, and when he encounters the gruff, recluded writer and opportunity arises, Ricky doesn't miss out on it. What starts meant as an one - shot blowjob in Jack's kitchen unexpectedly grows into a summer love affair, and slowly it becomes more - for both of them. This book was basically one very long sex scene. Since Anah Crow was involved, it was very good sex, partly kinky sex, and yes, tender, loving and meaningful sex. Surprisingly there was also plot, and dialogue, and character development. I think it was brilliantly done. Both Ricky and Jack were completely believable and true to a fault, down to the fact that forty-eight year old Jack gets to come far less often than eighteen -year old Ricky. It is so utterly believable that a young man would fall for an older, experienced man who doesn't only literally school him in "big boy sex", but also values him as a person. Sure, Jack does spoil Ricky, takes him out for fancy dinners and buys him things, but not in the beginning. Then he is a gruff man who comes to the hospital in big boots, a flannel bathrobe and a hat to get Ricky home. And Ricky, as young, curious and eager he is, shows maturity in his behaviour and decisions beyond his years, and he accepts Jack in a way that allows Jack to be himself. It makes Jack's love, not only lust, for Ricky totally believable. What bothered me a bit about this book was the repetitiveness of the sex, although I could have lived with this. But the last few pages cost it the fifth star it would have had otherwise, since there were about five or six pages of mind blowing-sex with the only dialogue going like, "I love you, Jack, so good." and "I love you too, baby, you're so beautiful." It was superfluous to the point of annoyance. The book would have done even better with cutting some of the scenes which went down like that one way or anotherAll in all, a great May/December romance, a beautiful relationship and lots of hot sex well-balanced with depth and plot. Very much recommended.