Immortality is the Suck - A.M. Riley Something's clearly off when you wake up naked on a cold guerney, a tag on your big toe, and with an unsatiable hunger for blood. But that's just what happens to Adam, undercover cop just shy of dirty after a bust gone wrong. After he has recovered from being dead, well not quite dead, he tries to find a way of living with his new obstacles (as if he hadn't had enough on his plate previously) He turns to his longtime lover, Stefan, because "Everybody has a Stefan" who he can call at two in the morning to bury a corpse, figuratively, and who would show with a shovel, no questions asked. I liked this book. It's dark and quirky, wildly hilarious and funny and full of thoughtless cruelty and unexpected gentleness like his main character, Adam. Whether this book works for you or not depends higly on whether you like Adam or not, because Adam is not likeable. Not in the slightest. And yet...if you overcome the "on my god, he didn't just do that", Adam grows and changes to a point where he becomes a quite decent guy. Well, for a bloodsucker.