Discipline - Chris Owen, Jodi Payne Now that Tobias has collared Noah, their relationship is rather established. Tobias finally accepts that Noah is - and wants to be - more than just his sub, but also his life partner. Noah finally trusts Tobias enough to truely believe in his love, helping him to overcome his misgivings about Phan. Tobias, on the other hand, struggles with the notion that he may love Noah but can't stop to feel responsible for Phan. Fortunately, Tobias's friend Bradford is ready to take Phan on as his temporary sub and to give him a security net while Tobias can't. Tobias takes Noah to Paris, as he has promised him for Christmas. Paris turns out a fantastic experience for both of them, helping Noah to reach deeper layers of subspace than ever before and Tobias higher levels of Dom's pride and top's high, further establishing their absolute trust and deep love for each other. Now while the entire series is heavy on sex scenes, in this volume there was just too much of it. I like me a juicy sex scene, don't get me wrong, and not many authors do master the art of describing BJ's, HJ's and Dom/sub action with benefits as excitingly as Owen and Paine do. But when I read a book and find myself thinking "oh no, they're at it AGAIN" then, boy, there's just too much sex. Furthermore, I felt like if I read "mine, he growled" just one more time, I'd start to...scream, at last. Although it's still a good read, I liked it least of the series.