A Strong and Sudden Thaw - R. W. Day Ninety-one years ago, the Ice came, and if the civilization didn`t die right away, it surely hitched for a while. In a not so far away future, the world, choked by the Ice, turned back to the ways of a past longer back, returning to the ways of living of a nineteenth century that never quite was, for there is an addition unheard of by mankind: there are dragons. Maybe not everywhere but surely in the remote town of Moline, where David Anderson grew up the son of a hunter and farmer. At sixteen, almost seventeen now, he is walking the edge between child and man, hunting for furs, caring for his mother's sheep and for his younger siblings, when he meets the new young healer in town, Callan Landers. Callan is different from everybody David knows; he is schooled, witty, charming, and David feels irresistably drawn towards him. But only when he stumbles upon Callan in a compromising situation with another man -and both men are immediately arrested for sodomy - David recognizes the nature of his own feelings. This book is a rare diamond. Written in first person from David's point of view, the reader can hear the farmboy's voice right from the beginning, his slightly awkward manner of speech showing subtly in sometimes incorrect grammar or simple ways to express himself, but it's authetic and adds to the charm of this book. Not only a coming-of-age, but a heartwarming love story and gripping suspense, and it is not lacking some humourous scenes that had me laughing aloud during the reading. The author`s imagination is extraordinary, and a future like she describes it could be easily pictured given the circumstances she sets it in. Even the dragons. David's factual perception and manner of speech prevents the story from being tacky and leaves the reader with a longing feeling. Although there is not a classical happy ending, it works, it fits, and after all, the story doesn't require a HEA, because there isn't such in the world and you gotta be confident with what you got and make it better, as David would put it. The end feels like a subtle cliffhanger, and so with some luck there will be more about Callan and David in the future. It will certainly be worth waiting for. A book you can't put down. A story that will stay with you for a long time afterwards.