Billy's Bones - Jamie Fessenden The small hints and clues strewn into the text that led closer and closer to the horrible solution like a nightmarish spiral made for a tale so absorbing, I found myself wanting to read just ONE more chapter, just ONE more scene until it was five in the morning and I'd devored the whole thing in one go. The mystery, and particularly its solution-- which was told in a flashback rather late in the book-- was actually deeply disturbing there's a rather graphic scene of rape and murder, clearly NOT meant to titillate but so strongly described that I can imagine people with a history of abuse of their own being unable to read it without it triggering memories The relationship between Kevin and Tom was inextricably interwoven with the mystery. It moved slowly, and there was almost no sex, even though they spent the main portion of the book together naked and TALKED about sex a lot. But did I miss the sex? Not a bit. There was pain, and confusion, and longing, and there was love and heartbreak, forgiveness and healing. Hurt/ Comfort to the max.I loved the fact that love didn't simply conquer all here and the author stayed miles away from the "healing dick". Kevin couldn't even stand being touched, or kissed, in the beginning, and he wasn't magically healed and up to non-stop sheet gymnastics by the end either, but I could clearly see him and Tom working from what they had and slowly, steadily moving on. I think Kevin's characterization particularly well done,I could relate to every detail of his behavior, especially in sight of his history once the latter was fully revealed. Tom was a psychologist, but confronted with his boyfriend's hangups he wasn't any more competent than Joe Ordinary to handle them. He made mistakes, regretted them and made up for them. However, he seemed too out of his depths at times; some of the things he said or did seemed just so abysmally stupid. That might be only me, though. 'cause I liked Tom, I liked him a lot, despite his shortcomings--or perhaps just because of them. He was so human. This was competent, smoothly flowing, skilled writing that wrought words and sentences to maximum effect, a narrative voice that sucked me in right from the start and didn't let me go. Together with the engrossing plot, the fascinating characterizations and the haunting mystery, this was a book I won't forget anytime soon.