Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) - Kim Dare An adaptation at the "Ugly Duckling" fairytale, this book created a fascinating world of avian shifters. Ori grew up among humans, not knowing who his parents were, and has only recently found his way to the avian shifter community at a club called "the Nest". Although he isn't old enough to shift yet and thus nobody can know for sure, Ori is considered a duckling. He's immediately put to service, as ducks are considered the lowest of the low in the social rung of avians. Reynard is a hawk, which is about as high a rank as an avian can have. When Reynard takes the duckling into his service and under his wing, Ori thrieves, having found what both he and Reynard feel is his righteous place: as Reynard's submissive. But then Ori takes his first full shift, and everything changes...This was an engrossing read. It was solid BDSM fare(mostly submission/ domination, though - very little of the usual whips and chains), and the avian shifters were an interesting plot idea. Sweet on the love story, too, and with hot sex scenes. Recommended for fans of BDSM and/ or fairytale adaptations. edit: since I couldn't stop thinking about the book and the characters, I had to read it again. Push my rating to five. It's too good to be less!