Blood Pond - D.J. Manly This story moves at a breathtaking pace. Despite the fact we KNOW it’s a romance and supposed to have a happy ending, the author managed to sow doubts about not only Bruce, but August, too; the solution wasn’t immediately apparent, although hinted at if you know what to look for. Thus the actual mystery was suspense-packed and nail-bitingly creepy like a good horror movie. A warning in regard to this: I’m afraid the mystery/ suspense label on this book is not quite sufficient. As I see it, Blood Pond easily qualifies as a thriller or even horror, which is why I took the liberty to add the latter to the publisher’s labels. There was also a paranormal element which added beautifully to the plot.Unfortunately, the suspense arc slacked a little towards the end; although it was still gripping, the outcome was rather predictable. And then there was the epilogue, which I read with slight bewilderment and a smidgen of impatience since it felt so gratuitous until – BAM! the book ended with a punch to the solar plexus that left me gasping. Very, very well done, desturbing to a point it actually haunted my dreams that night, which really doesn’t happen often.Read the full review at