Warriors and Healers - H.J. Brues It's a well - written story. The characters are depicted in a sympathetic way, each with his flaws and stregths. They have pretty distinctive voices, too. The story is told from the alternating POV's of all three men, thus the reader learns each of them though the eyes of the others as well as through their internal thoughts and fights. All three men are really heavily conflicted. Daniel endured a horrible childhood with abuse of the meanest kind. Jeff was abandoned by his mother in a very young age and was raised by an uncle who was an outcast himself. Irish - catholic Sean is a gay cop with too much empathy for his own good. But here lies the first rub: It would have done the story good to repeat/ ponder on the past aches of the men a little less often. There is a lot of angst involved, mostly in Jeff's case; I had a hard time to believe that an Apache, raised by the tribe's shaman, could behave that way. My second rub were the many different genres and themes mixed up within that story. Daniel thinks himself straight. He had a long - time relationship with a woman and is actually recuperating from their split - up. But one night of love with Jeff and Sean, and - whoosh - he's gay, just like that and no more doubts about it. Jeff's and Sean's relationship, on the other hand, starts when they realize they share an attraction to Daniel that borders on obsession. They are depicted as being each - other's stress - relief f*** buddys, their encounters pure animal need and nothing else. But then again, Jeff thinks of Sean a gentle and caring. It is not entirely comprehensible what they need Daniel for except that both seem to be crazy for him. And it's even less comprehensible what Daniel needs THEM for. Later in the book, there is a little bondage, a smidgen of Master/ Boy action and finally, they suddenly switch into Bear/ Cub - mode. In my opinion the author did mean too well and tried too hard. Thus the book appears overconscientious. Nevertheless, it's a fine read with memorable characters and a heartwarming, if a little redundant story. Recommended for everybody who doesn't mind angst and a lot of introspection.