A Good Name for a Hero - D.E. Elledge 3.5This book is an eclectic mix of elements: a sweet romance and a good ol' whodunnit, combined with something that reads like a self-help manual on coming-out. Ty, the first-person narrator was well-drawn; I liked his voice, his decency, his no-nonsense attitude. Cody, on the other hand, remained elusive; I didn't feel as if I really got to know him as a person, even though I learned a lot about him.Another character I liked a lot was Ric, Ty's straight friend; a remarkable, very likable guy. The mystery part was well executed. As I said, a good ol' whodunnit with a handful of artfully placed red herrings and an elaborate confession from the villain in the end, given while holding hostages at gunpoint--perfect if you happen to like Agatha Christie, like I do.The "self-help" part, for lack of a better expression, was pleasantly unobtrusive; Ty talks and thinks a lot about what it means to stay true to oneself, mostly with Cody, which fit well into their developing friendship and later, loving relationship. Still, the romance took a backseat to the other plot elements. Anyway, I had some problems with the relationship between Ty and Cody. Cody is deeply in denial, though very attracted to Ty.As I said, I thought the character of Ty a decent guy, but he's also very pushy when it comes to his relationship with Cody. Even though the end-result might be positive for Cody he's true to himself, at peace with his being gay and in a committed monogamous relationship like he always wanted to be , the route there read like an "I'll save you, kick and scream all you like" on Ty's part. Yes, he stopped when Cody said no, but he kept pushing in other ways. Add to that the fact that he was Cody's employer and that he was older and a lot more experienced than Cody, and the whole "seducing Cody" thing left a stale aftertaste with me.Overall, this was still an entertaining read, skillfully written and pleasant except for the misgivings I explained above.