Home - Donna McIntosh 1,75 (for Evie!)A basic guy-meets-guy that was so bland and unexciting reading it almost put me to sleep.The plot had lots of good ideas, but often got boggled down in details and minor matters. Riker’s stay on the spaceship resembled more some kind of all-inclusive luxury cruise where everybody was mostly interested in partying. Jimmy, who turned out to be Yates’ jealous wannabe boyfriend, would’ve made a great adversary, but he was mostly just being a bitch, and once his jealousy got out of hand, he was dealt with off-page. Same with the criminal mastermind behind the shootout that placed Riker into the spaceship in the first place; while the criminal case plot idea in and of itself wasn’t half bad, everything ‘was dealt with’, and Riker (just as a reminder: he’s a seasoned cop!) didn’t even try to get to the bottom of things. Come to think of it, Riker’s easy acceptance of everything Yates served him wasn’t so strange, given his Captain was just the same. Whenever Riker wanted to skip work, his captain swallowed any lame excuse he came up with, and in the end, Riker seemed just expendable as a cop, and more important, being a cop wasn’t as important to Riker as the blurb made it sound, apparently. Another issue conveniently dispensed with.There were so many brilliant ideas in the setting, but it was as underdeveloped as the characters. The spaceship’s inhabitants, a peaceful utopia without money where everybody makes their contribution for the public good and nobody suffers any want, how does their society work? How did they arrive at that point, and are they human or Aliens? Who assigned them to be the “Keepers” of the earth and what, exactly, entails this? Who invented the technology they use? At one point, Riker got to meet the Elders, the leaders of Yates’ people, and I thought “Ha! Now I’m going to get my answers!” But what happened? Ten minutes of pleasant smalltalk between Riker and three monk-like old geezers, alongside the above mentioned lines, and that was it.Perhaps some of my questions are going to be answered in the next books, as this one is apparently the first in a series. But by the end, I just wasn’t interested enough anymore to care.The cover, though, is gorgeous.